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The Gift That Keeps on Taking…

The director of a non-profit organization told me that one of her challenges is that donations given to the center are carefully stored by her staff for just the “right” recipient – which creates a storage problem, and eliminates the opportunity for other donors to “fill the vacuum” which results when there is a real need.

In my first marriage, my in-laws has beautiful gold-rimmed china given to my father-in-law in exchange for legal servicesIMG_5607. I was told the only other set like it was in the White House. The china was carefully tucked away in a cupboard and never used, because it was too “precious” – but my mother-in-law never purchased any “good” china for special occasions, because “we already have some.”

What are you keeping – but not enjoying?

What is Your Purpose on Earth?

600px-Globe.svgToday I am recording an interview for “Doing What Works” with Maureen Anderson ( about Less Clutter More Life. When I mentioned to her that I believe this book was the reason I was put on this earth, she commented, “That’s probably the best teaser for a show I’ve ever heard, so thanks again!”

I’ve been thinking about that comment, and my hope is that this book will be a catalyst to encourage all the readers to answer the question, “Why was I put on this earth?” When I was first asked the question nearly three decades ago, I had no idea! Through the years, I recognized that the physical and digital clutter with which I constantly struggle was a result of not being able to answer that question. The more physical and digital clutter I eliminated, the clearer my answer became.

My purpose is to help other women discover their purpose, and as a result, to be able to share what they know and learn with others. If you’re looking for your purpose, join us in Carolina Beach for our March 2-3 retreat

Give Yourself a Valentine!

I just spoke with a woman who read Less Clutter More Life – her comment was one I have heard hundreds of times: “Letting go of the clutter makes me feel so much lighter!”

When I first began helping people let go of their clutter, I used to wake up in the middle of the night with fear that someone would be sorry about what we had done the previous day. In 37 years, it has never happened!

Speaking of getting rid of clutter, on which I serve as a board member is collecting gently used handbags as their annual fundraiser through the end of February. If you have some you don’t use, why not pack them up and ship them to:

PO Box 8884
Springfield, MO 65801

You’ll give yourself a Valentine treat and bless someone else at the same time!

P.S. The book would make a great Valentine gift for someone else too!

Synchronicity — connecting the puzzle opens amazing things in life…

I was recommended to a physical therapist. She is from India where I lived.  When she asked what I did and I told her, she said “We need you.”  I gave her a copy of Less Clutter More Life.  She walked out to her assistant and said, “This woman is going to help us with our paper.”  Her assistant used to live in Grenada, West Indies  — where I also lived. Today when I went back, I discovered my physical therapist received her training in Postural Restoration in Lincoln, NE  — 100 miles from where I grew up.  Puzzle…

Not all “clutter” is the same…

Often people think that “being organized” means being a minimalist — not true! This week I had breakfast with a colleague at Cracker Barrel. While you could say it is a “cluttered” environment, everything in it supports who Cracker Barrel is as a company — good quality, family friendly, and great memories! “Clutter free” means eliminating those items/ideas that do not help you accomplish your work or enjoy your life. On a scale of 1-10, how does your home/office rate?

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