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What a Difference a Weekend Can Make!

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organizing-paper-at-home-ebI recently received this email from a reader who did more than just read  Less Clutter More Life and Organizing Paper @ Home — she took action!  Here’s what she wrote:

“I had a wonderful weekend, and you were no small part of it. I committed to finishing the paper project that I started, and I did it! Here are the overall highlights, in no particular order:

  • ALL paper throughout the house has been rounded up and processed.
  • I took two lawn & leaf bags of shredding to Staples on Saturday.
  • I eliminated the need for 1 four-drawer filing cabinet. Now, everything fits in one small filing cabinet that holds our printer.
  • The day bed in our office is now entirely clear and is once again a perfect reading spot.
  • Our dining room table and kitchen peninsula are now free from piles of paper.
  • The File Index is great! It helped me so much to organize files in my head. At first, I worked with a draft. As I started processing the papers, it became obvious that I needed to modify the index. Having it on the computer made the process so simple. I was able to print labels for the folders once.
  • And my husband and I both know where things are!”

In the few days since I completed the project, I am already reaping the rewards. Last evening after dinner, I went back to the office to read a book with my little dog. The best part was that I had no guilt about the chaos surrounding me. Do I have things to do around the house? Yes, of course. But I know when I’m going to work on them.