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Begin again!

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Hi everyone, I am beginning again with my weekly blogs.  I have set an intention to begin again.  It is a mindfulness practice that I am bringing to my decluttering work.  Thirty years of clutter takes time to work through.  I have too much to simply take it all out as Marie Kondo suggests in her book, the life-changing magic of tidying up, the book that has taken the country by storm; but for me, that would be simply overwhelming and physically take too much time.

So I am continuing with a little at a time; scheduling an hour a week and sometimes three, to begin again, take another pile and work my way through it.  Now that I have the Action Files and Reference Files and numbering system established – a part of Barbara’s 8-hour miracle -approach to staying organized, I have the system in place to describe and place each item so that I will no longer lose it again in future; and now that I have the mental check intact of asking myself for each item – will this item help me accomplish my work or will this item help me enjoy my life – I know how to simply File Act or Toss.

This weekend another chunk – large pile is no longer underneath my desk – and my feet can move freely, extend into the lovely, delicious, sumptuous empty air and stretch out with joy.