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The Depths of Heart

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My girlfriend is attending to her parents’ inherited clutter.  A big trunk full of letters and gems.  She is slowly wending her way through this treasure, enjoying her parents’ stories along the way.  It is a kind of literary treasure and she doesn’t want to just throw it away.  Look at the left side of her table where she is putting things into the files – for the three key decisions:  File Act or Toss.


The Gift That Keeps on Taking…

The director of a non-profit organization told me that one of her challenges is that donations given to the center are carefully stored by her staff for just the “right” recipient – which creates a storage problem, and eliminates the opportunity for other donors to “fill the vacuum” which results when there is a real need.

In my first marriage, my in-laws has beautiful gold-rimmed china given to my father-in-law in exchange for legal servicesIMG_5607. I was told the only other set like it was in the White House. The china was carefully tucked away in a cupboard and never used, because it was too “precious” – but my mother-in-law never purchased any “good” china for special occasions, because “we already have some.”

What are you keeping – but not enjoying?

What is Your Purpose on Earth?

600px-Globe.svgToday I am recording an interview for “Doing What Works” with Maureen Anderson ( about Less Clutter More Life. When I mentioned to her that I believe this book was the reason I was put on this earth, she commented, “That’s probably the best teaser for a show I’ve ever heard, so thanks again!”

I’ve been thinking about that comment, and my hope is that this book will be a catalyst to encourage all the readers to answer the question, “Why was I put on this earth?” When I was first asked the question nearly three decades ago, I had no idea! Through the years, I recognized that the physical and digital clutter with which I constantly struggle was a result of not being able to answer that question. The more physical and digital clutter I eliminated, the clearer my answer became.

My purpose is to help other women discover their purpose, and as a result, to be able to share what they know and learn with others. If you’re looking for your purpose, join us in Carolina Beach for our March 2-3 retreat

Sometimes the Simple System Simply Works

Three days ago I created a new system for the items in my life that need handling and that I am afraid my “over 50” year old brain otherwise will forget; Today I got the first payoff!   I had fashioned a clear protective pouch for my daily tote bag that holds two copies of our book just in case they are needed as I am out in meetings, and also holds the three or four crucial pieces of paper that I need to have to hand depending on where I am during the week.  In the past, I have created stress for myself by worrying about whether I would remember to do a particular task, and so it occurred to me, how can I create a system that does NOT rely on my remembering in the moment, but will ensure that I will still have the item when I need it?  I created the protective pouch by adding sturdy electrical tape to close the long edge of a 8.5×11 plastic sheet protector. I had put the smog renewal in the pocket. I was afraid that even though I would take my car in for the repair I would forget about asking them to do the smog test. I did not remember to ask them, as I had expected, but when it came to my new habit of putting the important papers in the same pouch, I was delighted to discover the smog paper!  Yes, I exclaimed to all there, the system worked!

Working System