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My “One Word” for 2015

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I’ve always liked the idea of creating a “one word theme” for a new year. I haven’t always done it, and probably more times than not, even when I did, I forgot what it was!  Such was the case in 2014. We were having a “Productive Environment Party” in our office last week, and I came across a note I had written on Jan 1, 2014 calendar:  “Discipline: clutter book.”  What an illustration of the power of intention, because if you’re reading this blog, you know about my new book Less Clutter More Life. Wow, does that make my heart sing, since the purpose of my company Productive Environment Institute is to help people create an intentional setting in which they can accomplish their work and enjoy your lives.

Needless to say, that  experience inspired me to give serious thought to my word for 2015, so I asked myself the question I always ask my clients: “What ONE thing has to happen in the next year for you to be happy with your progress?”  The answer came quickly because it’s a question with which I have grappled for as long as I can remember, and at one point nearly took my own life because I didn’t have the answer.   “I want to KNOW that I hear from God.”  So I began thinking about words that would move me in that direction.  My first thought was “faith,” but it didn’t really resonate.  Then yesterday morning, I woke up with an old hymn I learned as a child, “Trust and Obey.”   So my word for 2015 is “Trust.”  How does that apply to the question.  My goal for 2015 is to trust that God is speaking to me, and to trust myself that I am hearing — and then to act on what I hear.   What’s your “one word?”  How are you going to live it out in 2015?