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Sometimes the Gold is Hard to Spot

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One of the things I love about being a photographer is how looking through the lens changes my perspective. Try doing this with a Knarly situation. Ask yourself, how do I feel, then what is true for me AND what is true from the perspective of the other person. Then ask yourself, what can I do? Listen deeply. Our wisdom lies within each of us. The answers will arise. Just as I look through the camera lens, slowing down to let the subject show me its gold, it’s true nature.

Gold Leaves

Give Yourself a Valentine!

I just spoke with a woman who read Less Clutter More Life – her comment was one I have heard hundreds of times: “Letting go of the clutter makes me feel so much lighter!”

When I first began helping people let go of their clutter, I used to wake up in the middle of the night with fear that someone would be sorry about what we had done the previous day. In 37 years, it has never happened!

Speaking of getting rid of clutter, on which I serve as a board member is collecting gently used handbags as their annual fundraiser through the end of February. If you have some you don’t use, why not pack them up and ship them to:

PO Box 8884
Springfield, MO 65801

You’ll give yourself a Valentine treat and bless someone else at the same time!

P.S. The book would make a great Valentine gift for someone else too!

Little by Little, The Clutter Clears

Pace yourself.  I have set every Thursday to be the day to clear the next portion.  When it has taken a while to pile up, it takes a little while to work through and release.  But ah, l am so enjoying the peace and clarity of the left side of my desk and the beautiful colors revealed in its place – the right side of my desk is waiting for next thursday.  Check back then:)

Before                                                                                  After




Synchronicity — connecting the puzzle opens amazing things in life…

I was recommended to a physical therapist. She is from India where I lived.  When she asked what I did and I told her, she said “We need you.”  I gave her a copy of Less Clutter More Life.  She walked out to her assistant and said, “This woman is going to help us with our paper.”  Her assistant used to live in Grenada, West Indies  — where I also lived. Today when I went back, I discovered my physical therapist received her training in Postural Restoration in Lincoln, NE  — 100 miles from where I grew up.  Puzzle…

A New Book by Barbara Hemphill with Artwork and Photography by Louise Wannier

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 15, 2014 Contact: Barbara Hemphill

Less Clutter More Life
A New Book by Barbara Hemphill with Artwork and Photography by Louise Wannier

RALEIGH, N.C. —In her first twenty years of her profession, Barbara Hemphill focused on helping individuals and organizations eliminate paper and physical clutter. In the following ten years, the dawning of the Internet age offered opportunities to apply her principles to the ensuing digital clutter, and now in recent years she has become acutely aware that there is a challenging and subtle emotional and spiritual clutter that truly prevents people from accomplishing their work and enjoying their lives. Louise Wannier’s photographs work synchronously with the text and stories shared by Barbara from her long experience working with clients of diverse background. “Our hope is that through our collaboration this book will help people to recognize and release these blocks.” Available online from Less Clutter More, and various Independent Book stores ($17.95, Paperback, 95 pages).

About Barbara Hemphill

An internationally recognized expert on increasing profits, productivity and peace of mind by eliminating physical, digital, emotional and spiritual clutter, Barbara’s life work has been to increase public awareness of the emotional and physical cost of clutter. She founded the Productive Environment Institute to train Certified Productive Environment Specialists who are available to assist individuals and businesses.

She is the author of “Taming the Paper Tiger at Work”, “Love It or Lose It: Living Clutter-Free Forever”, and “Organizing Paper @Home: What to Toss and How To Find the Rest!”

Initially trained in music education, Barbara organized an international choir in Grenada, West Indies, and New Delhi, India, and can frequently be found in the choir or at the piano at her church. As a follower of Jesus, Barbara’s mission is to express His love through her work and her life so that other people will feel this love whether or not they share her beliefs.

About Louise Wannier

As an artist and creative entrepreneur, Louise is fascinated by observing patterns, noticing closely how light interacts with both nature and our intense, dynamic urban landscapes: “I attempt to capture and present visually the energy and spirit I observe and feel in our complex world.” As a print designer, Louise creates unique textile art prints and translates them to fashion and interiors collections under the label LOUIS JANE™ ( /LouisJaneDesign on Social Media). A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising as well as the UCLA Anderson School MBA program and the California Institute of Technology, with a BS in Astronomy, she has helped create and launch various technology products to simplify our lives including VCR Plus+, Enfish information management software and MyShape personal shopping online.


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Not all “clutter” is the same…

Often people think that “being organized” means being a minimalist — not true! This week I had breakfast with a colleague at Cracker Barrel. While you could say it is a “cluttered” environment, everything in it supports who Cracker Barrel is as a company — good quality, family friendly, and great memories! “Clutter free” means eliminating those items/ideas that do not help you accomplish your work or enjoy your life. On a scale of 1-10, how does your home/office rate?

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.48.48 AM

Facing My Closet

Thank you Rae, darling daughter, who helped me have the energy to face my closet. Plunged in. Grabbed gobs of hangers and put them on the Bed. Now at least there was a little room to maneuver. Decided to prune out my closet. Had to start by being brutal. Now down to business. Make it Easy. Haven’t worn it in a year? Toss!  New policy. Re-gift, donate or just throw it away. Who would want to wear THAT?  Enjoy the clear view. Clear the blockage. Wow it feels good. A new energy. Rebirthing my true me.