“Barbara Hemphill’s workshop was filled with tips, examples, and stories that energized each session to start massive cleanouts of files and useless artifacts. Barbara’s use of prizes kept the sharing lighthearted, even when digging up useless items could have been so embarrassing. We plan to keep the momentum Barbara started. Thank you, Barbara, for kicking us into gear.”
Krys Moskal-Amdurer
Vice President, Pearson People Development
Pearson Publishing

“For most of us, organization of life’s clutter is intimidating and daunting. Barbara shared the clutter remedies as simple steps and actions that our attendees felt that they could implement immediately to lessen the clutter anxiety and get control of their environments—personally and professionally. She assured staff and volunteers that even if they weren’t an organized person by nature, it was possible to accomplish a life with order.”
Andrea Reno
Director of Special Projects
Marketing and Communications

Your presentation “Simple Strategies To Make 2012 your Most Productive & Profitable Year Ever!” gave all in the audience some great tips on how to implement a system to keep us organized, productive, and profitable.  An excellent speaker, you and your presentation were well received by our guests and many left positive comments about their experience, “great speaker,” “excellent topic” and “can’t wait to get started” to name a few.  Thank you for sharing your time and experitse with this group of women in business eager to advance personally and professionally.
Louise F. McColl
President, Women in Business Speaker Series

Barbara Hemphill is working with  our Sales Team with a focus on improving productivity through better organization which saves you time, space, energy and ultimately money. Her proven system for a productive office along with methods  to improve on sales efficiency is already moving the needle in a positive direction. Barbara conducted a seminar at our annual sales meeting and  our team found it to be informative and valuable especially in the area of planning.
Stu Kaitz
Director of Marketing

I wanted to thank you for all you do for victims of domestic and sexual violence.  Your expertise has helped many advocates provide better services to victims across the state of North Carolina.

After your presentation at the ADVOS conference many directors have been able to make awesome changes in their lives.  One director came to me with tears in her eyes to share that her life had been forever changed as a result of your speech.

I am very thankful for all you have done for Harbor and other statewide organizations.  The database you set up for our client information is working well.  It has given staff the tools they need to track valuable information about victims of domestic and sexual violence in Johnston County.
Keri Christensen
Director Harbor, Inc.