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Merry Christmas!

As Charles Dickens expressed it so well, Christmas is “the best of times and the worst of times.”  It is certainly a time to apply the clutter-eliminating principle of asking “Does this (item or thought) help me accomplish my work or enjoy my life?”   Yesterday, my assistant Amanda and I spent the afternoon clearing out the clutter out of my office — it felt SO good.   Earlier this week, I was sitting in my counsellor’s office talking about some family issues with which I have been struggling.  I made the comment that I felt like a “fraud” having written a book about eliminating emotional clutter, when I was struggling with my own.  She asked me a question:  “When you clear up the physical clutter, does it stay gone?”  And so it is with “emotional clutter.”   She reminded me that there are three ways to distance yourself from people with whom you don’t get along: 1) in anger, 2) in indifference, or 3) inImage love.   May we all find the love we need to make this Christmas Season a time of blessing for everyone — just as Jesus loves us!