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“WOW! How wonderfully beautiful it is! The illustrations, simplicity, quotes, experiences…all help to capture a feeling of hope and that little nudge we all need. It’s like a whisper of encouragement that yes, you too can tackle what is overcoming you. I’ve come to learn that the reasons my clients have clutter come in all different ways and reasons. Whether it’s from loss and they haven’t finished grieving, perhaps they didn’t have much in their childhood, loneliness, depression & overwhelmed, delayed projects – “somedays”, one thing is the same: it’s emotional clutter. It’s like dozens of piles of emotions everywhere. This book will help!” -Devon Broughton, Broker-Owner, Broughton Agency, Inc.

“This book is gorgeous. It somehow unclutters the mind and inspires the physical clearing that I needed. The beauty of this little book is the kind messages to people like me who are “guilty as charged.” Just reading the tips (start from where you are, make your clutter someone else’s blessing) and seeing the gorgeous photos is a sensory journey that I want to share over and over with friends.” -Patty DeDominic, Entrepreneur, Founder International Women’s Festivals, President Emeritus National Association of Women Business Owners

“Barbara makes organization an art – a graceful and soulful experience. Her words not only inspire us to clean out the closet, they enthusiastically and gently encourage us to de-clutter our lives. Wonderful!” –Mary Knackstedt, Founder, Knackstedt, Inc. and author of The Interior Design Business Handbook

“For twenty years, Barbara Hemphill, founder of Productive Environment Institute, has been helping individuals, executives, and whole companies eliminate stacks of paper and piles of clutter. With the advancement of technology, she began aiming her focus at digital clutter. Now, Barbara has refined her intention even more, pinpointing the ‘challenging and subtle emotional and spiritual clutter that truly prevents people from accomplishing their work and enjoying their lives.’ The result is Less Clutter More Life.”

Less Clutter More Life™ is designed to encourage you to acknowledge your deepest feelings so you can accomplish your work and enjoy your life. Focus on the path, not a destination. – Barbara Hemphill and Louise Wannier

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“What Barbara Hemphill has done with Less Clutter More Life is simply incredible! The simplicity of her strategies are masterful and exude her wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area.” -Darnyelle A. Jervey, CEO Incredible One Enterprises, LLC

“Barbara’s approach is comprehensive and vital whether for an individual, or for a company, from which we eliminated over 16 tons of paper and nearly half of the files from our servers prior to moving our offices.” -Thomas Henning, President & CEO Assurity Life

“The easy to follow wisdom of Barbara Hemphill will help motivate you to conquer the clutter in your home or office while guiding you through the processes and principles needed to help you make choices and changes that will enable you to experience less clutter and more life!” -Christie Love, Founder & Executive Director of LeadHer (