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Productivity Is an Art! How’s Your Studio?


Productivity is an art!  I’ll never forget the first time I helped a client set up a stand-up desk!  Another client had an office full of sticky notes with reminders.  When I asked her what kind of calendar she used, she replied, “Oh, I hate calendars. They are so ugly!”  A red leather calendar became one of her most beloved tools.

Sadly, I see many people whose office or home environment is obviously not supporting them, but they’ve abandoned the idea that they can do anything about it. Perhaps they tried changing it themselves, and failed, or even hired an organizing consultant.  It looked great for a few months, but they couldn’t maintain it.  Organizing anything is not about the “stuff,” – it’s about the person or people!  More importantly, it is about stewardship of our resources.  If we have something we are not using that could benefit others, it is our Christian responsibility to make our clutter someone else’s blessing.  If we think something about ourselves or others that is not supported by Biblical truths, it is time to ask for God’s help to eliminate that emotional and spiritual clutter.

Often people ask me, “What should I do?”  My reply:  “That’s the wrong question.  The real question is, ‘What WILL you do?’”  In order to discover the answer to that question, I have developed:


“The 5-Step Productive Environment Process™.”  

  1. State your vision.  (What would success look like?)
  2. Identify your obstacles. (What has prevented or might prevent you from success?)
  3. Commit your resources. (What or who could help you? How much time and money are you willing to invest to solve the problem?)
  4. Design and execute your plan.  (This step is 80% of the solution, but you must understand the first three steps first.  Otherwise, you’re just continuing the same clutter cycle.)
  5. Sustain your success. (This is the most important step for long-term success.  Be open to change when appropriate.)


Notice the common word in those five steps is “your!”   One of the reasons that I still love my work so much after more than 35 years is that God created every person and every business to be totally unique — so every day is a new opportunity with new challenges.  

Interestingly enough, one of the major contributors to customizing an individual workspace is art — whether it’s a calendar that fits our style, music that puts our brain in the state we need to be most productive, a painting that inspires us, or a “dream board” that reminds us of why we work. Make your home and office a place that inspires your best for the sake of the Kingdom!

So here’s my challenge:  Ask yourself the question: “What is the most important step I need to take in the next year to make my business and my life all that I believe God intended it to be?”  Then apply the 5-Step process to making that vision a reality! Everything you feel or think about that issue is one of the five steps.  If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask us for help!  

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