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Merrill Joan Gerber

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We are so grateful for this kind review from Merrill Joan Gerber:

i9miEyMUlVB_tVK77xFlkH6T5bLJb8A99JXfXYS6cRs,V2zvMbAsIIvIC7YrSNZQAPRwAJ18xEvw6uNrbo_dj84,66F6Kq1WLCtdPh0xoWS5CeMa-R4s5u08fvJ9RWu7m1k,2VmTO_QwcYSjz2rCkrS1UIOvvi_AZtOBvqikQHHE68k“There is a gentle urging in this book that encourages rather than instructs; the message ‘Are you enjoying your work and are you enjoying your life?’ opens in us a dialogue with ourselves. We are encouraged rather then given criticism for the years of our accumulations and indifference to the weight it presses upon us. The photos by Louise Wannier are likewise gentle and peaceful. They urge us to appreciate beauty, space, color, and all nature has to offer. One particular photo of the shadow of a woman against the grass is sweetly seductive, suggesting a walk in beauty.

When I finished reading the book, I sorted through years of holiday cards, keeping only a few photos of those I love, and sent the rest to inhabit some other space, not mine. This book is a deep meditation, and a kind teacher.”